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Empire Legal

About Us


Dedication to Unparalleled Service Is Reflected in Our Mission

Our Philosophy

We fight for principal, driven by passion to secure Justice for our clients and the public at large. The cases that we accept are often trail blazing matters that set court precedence and affect similar matters in the future.

Public Service Law

A Successful Strategy, From the First Day of Consultation

Reaching the stars for You

Choose the right law firm and rest assured that matters are being handled professionally and in a timely manner. Unlike other law firms that normally file on deadline, we file early to keep the case moving, we in some ways believe that justice delayed is Justice denied.

Our world team of legal experts and attorneys are able to deal with most litigation

No client is too samll or litigatioon target too big. Our lawyers know how to run legal circles around the defendant

We are experts at dealing with Breach of Contract matters and gaining recovery

We fight with a passion to protect children from corporate groomers and molesters


We Want to Express Our Deep Gratitude to You in the Service That You Provided for Us in Dealing With the Most Difficult Situation

Roosevelt Coulter

Criminal Lawyer

Empire Legal, International Public Intrest Law Firm

Looking to be part of a Reliable Dedicated Partnership?

If you have 5 years of experience or more, then we are interested in you! Join our worldwide team and stop being a lone wolf

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