Balenciaga to Kirkorov’s daughter, dirt on Prigozhin, Moiseyev’s Exhomiya – “Alena, damn it! He’s talking”

Frozen Tuesday morning! We hope you are already comfortable and ready for the latest news release of the show business “Alena, Damn, She’s Talking!”. This time Elena will tell you how the filming of the Rosh Hashanah videos is going, what happened behind the closed doors of Kirkorov’s daughter’s birthday, and how the scandalous Balenciaga was among her gifts. Why do the performers of the hit “Federico Fellini” hate the singer Habib? How did it happen that tiktokers changed their shoes to US citizens, and Braskikh and Loboda do not hesitate to come to Russia? Elena also learned about the children’s dirt on Joseph Prigozhin and who sent the letter from the UFO to Katya Lell. 0:00 New News Release “Alyona, Hell! Says” 0:43 How does the “Christmas Lights” shoot really work? 1:53 The stars almost attacked Elena at Kirkorov’s daughter’s birthday party 3:19 Luxurious treats and the way to Kirkorov’s bedroom: how Allah Victoria’s birthday went 4:22 Prigozhin told Elena the shocking details of her childhood 5:41 introduced Katya Guseva. Her new boyfriend with Philip Kirkorov 6:44 What did you give Alla-Viktoria Kirkorova for her birthday? 7:20 Why did Elena cut Balenciaga and why was the brand canceled all over the world? 9:34 Scandal of young artists: how the singer Habib indicted the performers of the song “Federico Fellini” 11:12 Why were Tiktokers afraid of Elena? 11:51 How bloggers who fled Russia are trying to become popular in the US 13:35 Braskich and Loboda are ready to perform in Russia and sing to the Russians, but on conditions 15:14 Philip Kirkorov sent Maria Shukshina and Dmitry Pavtsov. Why? 17:30 Want to retrieve Boris’ body Moiseev because of Stas Boretsky 18:49 It became known who sent Katia Lell a letter from aliens 20:37 Elena’s new confrontation with Ksenia Sobchak SUPER VK – SUPER TELEGRAM – SUPER INSTAGRAM – (banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) SUPER ODNOKLASSNIKI – don’t forget to like and subscribe So as not to miss new videos!